Crazy Cop Stomps On Detained Suspect's Head


Officer Zachary Rosen Should Be Removed And Investigated

Once again we run into police brutality and this time by someone who has gotten in trouble before. On Saturday, in Columbus Ohio officer Zachary Rosen was caught on tape kicking a handcuffed man DeMarco Anderson  in the head even though he was laying on the ground, back facing the sky .In the video DeMarco Anderson can be heard saying “Are you serious?” “I got cuffs on sir, Are you serious.” This is just two weeks after Franklin County Grand Jury  has declared that the two officers one of which is Zachary Rosen involved in the death of Henry Green.

Interestingly enough his behavior in this video reflects the statement of a witness who was actually with Henry Green at the time of the shooting.The witness said that the officers did not attempt to identify themselves nor did they give green time to react which is something to remember as a key as these two officers were wearing plain clothing at the time. The report of the witness is consistent with Zachary Rosen running up to DeMarco Anderson and kicking him in his head without provocation and without reason to do so as he was not being threatened by a man laying down on the ground while being cuffed.

I expect that in today's time that they will not only investigate this instance thoroughly but also investigate every arrest Officer Zachary Rosen has made during his employment. If they do not then we as a people should demand so from the department of justice. It is not only a blatant mistake but a recurrent thing to ignore the history of officers when they are put under investigation, internal affairs never seem to yield the same results a google search can find that Zachary Rosen was given documented constructive counseling for failing to turn on his body microphone.

Officers besides military personnel are the only ones who have the inherent right to shoot someone when they perceive a justifiable threat so it is my belief and I hope the belief of others to hold him them to a higher standard. The right to kill should not be taken lightly, no longer should we stand aside and be quiet because an officer has lost his/her temper. After all there are doctors who are in high stress situations who may have had a bad day  still go out and do their job the way there a supposed to without losing their cool or blaming the patient. No longer will we stand by as the “I feared for my life” Excuse run rampant as the bodies of our fellow citizens are strewn on pavement lifeless and meaningless to those who are supposed to protect and serve. If you are scared of the community you serve in, ask for a transfer or receive help for ptsd.

Zachary Rosen has now been placed on desk duty, I will post more as the case develops.