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The Pipeline

The Trumpstone Pipeline

Picture from Unsplash.com

Picture from Unsplash.com


So far into the first month of January, President Trump has not failed in exhibiting the short sightedness of the typical politician. Why you may ask? Well would a person who wants to strive for a better & greener future sign an executive order to resume building the Keystone pipeline?


The keystone pipeline is a crude oil (fossil fuel) pipeline that begins in Hardisty, Alberta and ends in Steele City, Nebraska. The pipeline was only tasked with being built in the U.S after Transcanada rejected it for being a temporary solution to jobs, seeing as it only creates a majority of temporary construction jobs.   


The location of the pipeline is one mile too close to the drinking source of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The same pipeline that transcanada estimated would have 5 oil spills over 50 years; basically stating that every ten years the pipeline may spill once or twice.


Interestingly enough, the original plans for America would have had the pipeline built north of Bismarck the capital of Missouri, yet due to complaints of the possibility of contamination or an oil spill which I may add are the same concerns the Standing Rock Tribe have, the direction of construction have been rerouted. So the question now begs to be asked; Why do the American Government oppose the Standing Rock Tribe but did not oppose the capital? Isn't the concern for contamination and pollution by oil spill a grave concern for anybody? Trump doesn't seem to think so.


The Keystone Pipeline is an objective misnomer masking the fact that only an estimated three hundred jobs will remain after construction to maintain the pipeline, after 3,900 construction workers build it. In any sense these jobs won’t even help when we have an estimated population of 150 million people.


If that sentence in itself was confusing then this will make more sense, the U.S Government will hire an estimated 2,000 - 3,900 people to build the keystone pipeline and an estimated 50 - 100 will be left over to maintain the facility according to the Obama administration.


A possible 3,850- 3,800 people will be laid off and by the time they realize what has happened president Trump will be leaving office without ever having to face the blowback from said decision. A sleight of hand of this magnitude only pacifies those who have been clamoring for jobs right now, instead of understanding the qualities of the jobs that stay.

Nonetheless have we not moved forward from crude oil? Are we not taking a larger step into the clean energy industry? Does it not make sense to leave a greener earth for generations to come. This decision completely undermines our position as the leading country in clean energy and we shall not stand for it.