Misrepresentation In The Media


Fox news has done it again. To be fair though, they’re pulling off their usual ignorance with a little more finesse. I know by this point we can’t really be surprised by their prejudice fueled antics but, the gaggle of uppity, self righteous, right winged, white masterminds behind Fox has definitely changed the game when it comes to black-bashing. As you would imagine, the typical fox method of having a blonde, white woman or an older white male make ludicrous statements about black people needing “stop n frisk” or the black lives matter movement ruining black society is being received as slightly racist by most logically minded individuals. Don’t worry America, Fox had something for that too and it was slightly ingenious.

Black people cannot be racist towards other blacks. Fox is getting backlash for black-bashing with news anchors that would’ve made Hitler’s toes curl. Being logical people of sound mind, they came to a logical solution for their problem. Blacks bashing blacks. Foolproof. Who can justly calling them racist when it’s black on black-bashing? You know black people love targeting other black people. After all that is the real problem with society…… Who would go on Fox and do the white man’s bidding? Probably some influential black republican. Perhaps Herman Cain, former black republican candidate. Maybe the ever eloquent Ben carson. Maybe Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King or even Colin Powell, former secretary of state. Nah. They chose, Clueless star, Stacy Dash, who did nothing but prove she was in fact clueless.

Stacy Dash thought it’d be a good idea to share her beliefs for Fox News on national television. Clueless. Paraphrasing, she said that blacks just need to adapt to the white man’s world. In order to truly integrate, we need to rid ourselves of bigoted outlets such as BET. Over 20 years later and she’s still clueless. She continued to basically say that blacks cannot ask to be integrated into society while segregating ourselves. I guess we should sit in silence while white people figure out we can be good at things too. Why should we reward people, who are generally underappreciated and overlooked because of the color of their skin? How long have we as a people been fighting to be acknowledged as equals? We grew tired of waiting. Why shouldn’t we be given awards? Why shouldn’t we be able to be cast in roles that aren’t driven by stereotypes? Why can’t we be the Hero? Dash even went on to say that we shouldn’t have a black history month because there is no white history month. We have 11 white history months you moron. Who’s history did we learn about in school? Blacks only entered that story when we “came” over on boats. What you should be upset about is that they gave us the shortest month as a very trivial and demeaning attempt to pacify us.You mean every four years we have to pretend to think about black history for 29 whole days!?!? It is very naive to think that we could seamlessly assimilate into white culture. We are different and to a lot of people, that is scary. Gradually, with lots of effort on both sides maybe we won’t need a BET. But, to deny ourselves gratification while we wait is simply stupid. Stacy Dash, you are a fool and I hope whatever Fox paid you was worth selling out. Judge for yourselves, here’s the link below.