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Justice Should Be Served

Terrorism On American Soil


Mohamedtaha Omar, 23, Adam Mekki, 20, and Muhamad Tairab, 17

Mohamadtha Omar, Adam Mekki, Muhamad  Taieab, these three young adults were executed last Wednesday, in Fort Wayne Indiana. The motive has not yet been uncovered and much information is being withheld until further information is known on the motive of the executions. Yet with all that is going on in America in terms of skin color; it is hard not to believe that this was not a hate crime of some sort. This story in particular has received little to no coverage over the past week which seems to be a disturbing trend in American mainstream media.This trend being the misrepresentation of ethnic groups and the outright show of biasness towards people of color. Is it because of race or is it because it is just not that important to the American people? Or is it just not that important to the media?


America has now come to a point in which multitudes of people are fear-ridden and legitimately uncertain about their safety in America. Scared to the point of giving up hard earned freedoms for a often false sense of security, like for instance the infamous fight between the FBI and Apple that is going on right now in which the the FBI is asking Apple to create a backdoor through thier/our encryption embedded in iphones.

There has never been in the history of technology a backdoor for any software that has not been hacked within a few months time; If this backdoor were to land in the wrong hands the resulting hacks could be devastating and create more avenues for terrorists and black hat hackers to wreak havoc.

Most Americans have no clue as to what encryption is and to why it’s so important, and apparently the FBI does not know the unimaginable threat to national security that can be caused by a breach in cyber security created by back doors. Either of these things entails a bad future for the U.S in terms of cyber security and national security.

Full details have not been released about the three young men in question. I will keep you posted.