Space Communism


How Much?

Space Capitalism marks the beginning in what could be the greatest era of human history or the darkest. The many variables that come into space exploration are often explained in words like aliens, distant planets and galaxies. As we become more advanced these words have become more realized every day and every year as we progress. Our advancements have made it so that we can now send rovers and satellites to distant planets, the wonders of the universe laid bare before our eyes. Capitalization of space may lead to cheaper travels and access to the universe which so many people hold hopes for, to be able to see the aliens and distant planets that are mentioned.

But before I speak about the benefits of space travel let's talk about what could go wrong . On July 13th Ted cruz held a meeting with Some space capitalist to go over the plans for space commerce, Space X was there and of course Nasa, the meat of the conversation was the fact that the U.S governments intend to stop funding the ISS Space Station, it is a 3-4 billion dollar a year operation, all so that they can focus on actually sending humans to space.

The only thing I can say is thank whatever higher existence there is that this meeting was transparent, as average citizens we may not often find the time to understand the myriad of things that can and will affect us. In due time the decisions made from the U.S and Nasa will impact humanity greatly and it will be a good start for people to start paying attention now as opposed to later, you know when you can actually have an opinion and say in how much a trip to mars can cost or who can go to mars in general, everyone who wants to explore a new world should have a chance to do so. I just hope that numerous billionaires honor the pursuit of ascendance and award that to every human who has the ability only then can we move forward and have the capitalism of space be a good thing?


Well there is always Dune, a perfect example of what could go wrong with space commerce and a great read for any sci-fi nut.