Sean Spicers Blunder

"This is not a team you want to be on"

On Tuesday Sean Spicer the White House press secretary seems to have done what most politicians have done, which is forget history, countless years of mistakes, progress and human life spent to give us a guideline into what we should be doing which is bettering humanity.

What are your intentions?

Sean Spicer spoke during a press briefing on whether or not the U.S relationship with Russia will change in light of President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical strike in Syria, yet it became hard to focus on Syrian President Assad when the U.S press secretary uttered something that made completely no sense. Sean Spicer apparently doesn't believe that Adolf Hitler would stoop to the level of using chemical gas when in fact Hitler killed millions with chemical gas. In his own words Sean Spicer said “You know you had someone as despicable as hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons.”

I mean we get that you want to explain the gravity of the situation but to blatantly lie to the American people once again about something so heinous was a step too far. There are children in middle school, teenagers and families who must have watched the press briefing and couldn't believe their ears. That a white house official would forego the history of a people that have been through so much. Has he ever even heard of Auschwitz?

It is not that surprising to me that this has happened, just by looking at the track record for the Republican majority white house, it's apparent to me that these so called “mistakes” are going to happen and more frequently as we move on through the next four years. Sean Spicer needs to be removed and replaced by someone who is more competent than he is.

Sean Spicer has recently apologize but I think its time the American people decline.