Scott Pruitt The Genius Who Ever Was.


Scott Pruitts Aims And Goals

Scott Pruitt, the former AG of Oklahoma has a trailblazing career in garnishing environmental protections. The Attorney General months before him was Drew Edmondson, Drew Edmondson filed a lawsuits against fourteen poultry produce companies including Tyson which is the biggest producer of poultry around the globe because  they have not been holding up to their 2003 agreement to reduce pollution going into the North Eastern Illinois River.

`The matter of pollution in any of America's rivers is a concern for all of us. Any attempt to sabotage the livelihood and the availability of resources for future generations should be treated as criminal, any attempt to do nothing when inaction presents disaster for future generations should be regarded as criminal. Scott Pruitt, upon becoming Oklahoma Attorney General discontinued all 14 lawsuits and miraculously earned major contributions in large amounts totaling over 40,000 dollars, received from the same companies under fire during his campaign to become Attorney General .

Scott Pruitt has also been quoted saying “regulation through litigation is wrong in my view.” I think I would have to ask him if death through water pollution is preferable. Scott Pruitt has also gone onto say “That was not a decision my office made, It was a case we inherited.” Unfortunately Mr Scott Pruitt unless you come from a different planet, one that doesn't have water then this is a problem for you and all Americans so inheritance and what the last administration does doesn't matter what we need to know is as head of the EPA will you protect our environments; so far you have proven that you won't.

In fact Scott Pruitt seems to have it out, for not just the EPA but the environment itself. Why would a man in his right mind as a representative of the people go backwards and help a coal mining company that have an extensive history in ravaging the environment. In fact as recent as last year Consol Energy, a coal mining company was fined 3 million dollars for dumping wastewater from their mines into the Ohio river. What's even more shocking is that Scott Pruitt supports that same company even though they have paid 36 million dollars in a settlement because they wanted to remove a dam; According to Consol Energy  the dam was damaging its operations, yeah never mind human life right?

Scott Pruitt instead of convincing the coal company to convert to clean energy has instead become their pansy, obsolete and ineffective. He has decreased regulation and somehow thinks that the world would be all the better for it. As time progresses energy will get cleaner as we realize how much carbon emissions and greenhouse gas affects us all. In some parts of China pollution has already reached a stage where civilians must wear masks because of smog which I'm sure isn't desirable in the least. So not only do you give these mining companies false hope you will also always be remembered as the man who spawned an assault on America's Environment and let China steal the clean energy market.