Robot Revolution

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“The Robot Revolution”



Robots are machines that can carry out a series of complex actions automatically with the usage of computer programs or controls.

In the coming years AI (Artificial Intelligence) in my prediction will become the leading force in most all fields of employment. Employers would no longer need humans... for they will become rudimentary in comparison to the sophistication of robots. Robots will be more durable and far more intelligent than humans and for the big bonus they will be disposable without the cost of settlements and lawsuits albeit the manufacturer of said robots.

I mean why use doctors and the such when machinery can be more precise? Why use humans for construction when machinery can be that much more precise? When it may also eliminate mistakes using highly precise tools such as sensors, lasers and the ability to process what it has assessed from said tools with high speed, and then apply that to an action with precision;  when an accident has occurred it will be the equipment that is damaged and not a human being who will seek due compensation.


The next boom in jobs for the human race as a whole, would be in operating & maintaining the machinery used to build robots, and also in creating the sophisticated software for their operations and movements. All of these things discussed will cause drastic changes in the way humans look at employment and compensation. People will be left behind and jobless if they are not vigilant and willing to adapt to the imminent future at hand.


Rob High, who is the chief of technology officer at IBM Watson, last Saturday urged everyone to focus on how to implement ways AI technology can help the human race rather than replace the jobs of the human race.


A worthy goal but yet far from the reality of that which is the human nature in the millennial era. We have in today’s world, conglomerates willing to move employment opportunities from the U.S to places such as China, Taiwan and Malaysia to pay for labor at a lower cost. So what will conglomerates do when robots become available for exactly the task that they may need it for?


High said “It’s not answering the question, it’s about helping you come up with the questions you’re not thinking to ask.”


For instance IBM is developing a technology platform that will be able to answer extremely difficult questions not yet available to human knowledge by deducing information from  unstructured data. The internet is supposedly 80% unstructured data so as you can imagine the possibilities of this platform and its applications are endless.


At this point in human history I believe we should be actively preparing for the coming wave of employment in technology and unemployment in some fields of work. I say let’s not fight the future but advance into the unknown, let us instead venture into finding a solution to the problems of today so that our children can have a better earth for the future.