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David Duke

While unknown to many David Duke is in fact the epitome of an impertinent human being and has a clear disregard for the human race as a whole. David Duke is the white nationalist of choice and the former Grand Wizard for the Klu Klux Klan; Duke has apparently urged on his radio station that all white supremacist  give aide to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the form of volunteer work and donations. Not too long after Duke’s statement, Minnesota and Vermont’s white supremacist super pac called “The White Nationalist American Freedom Party” began to robocall American citizens in an effort to draw out other white supremacist to support Donald Trump.


“The white race is dying out in America and Europe because we are too afraid to be called racist” said Johnson, Williams who is the leader of the white nationalist american freedom party.  These are the people who endorse Trump and believe in the words he say, one of the worst hate groups in the history of America seems to resonate with the views of Donald Trump and that alone is cause for worry in the millennial era. This statement alone recalls a memory of reading “One flew over the cuckoo's nest” a written novel by Ken Kessey in 1962.


Trump has so far rejected donations from white supremacists but yet remains the driving force between their most recent activities and statements.Trump seems to be fueling all forms of radical white supremacy due to his divisive rhetoric of bashing his opponents and disrespect of ethnic groups. As well as feeding promises with vague answers to the people of America. We must now ask the American people if you want the face of terrorism to be the face of America, Donald Trump may not physically be in league with the KKK but it seems as if he is, within like minds. If anyone has any doubts on the intentions of Trump I urge you to skim his twitter where you will find plenty examples of Trump being Trump.


Here are the names of some KKK Trump supporters.

David Duke, William Johnson and Rachel Pendergraft.