Lorenzo Magazine By Kasheem Lorenzo Ramos

Rick Perry


Rick Perry: Climate Denier's


Which one of you is actually a scientist?

Rick Perry the U.S’s Energy secretary and many other politicians seem to like the idea of slapping the face of science which has contributed to some of our major advancements, In fact we can directly correlate our standing in the world to the efforts of the scientist who pushed through with breakthroughs during America's most crucial time of development.


So I have to ask when did Rick Perry become a climate scientist? When did Rick Perry do personal research and cross reference it against the findings of the world's leading climate scientists?

Luck of the draw

Rick Perry seems to be following the tune of his buddy Scott Pruitt who claims that scientific hypothesis can not be taken as solid fact. Well that's true, but does Scott or Perry know why a theory is called a theory most of these things have to be proven time and time again for authenticity, for that matter most scientist are putting their reputations at stake by claiming an answer to one of the world's leading problem. In regards to that I could care less what Scott or Perry have to say and I don't believe they should be working in their respective departments, They are not scientist and they don't have the ability to think humanity first, if they did they would be leading the charge for more conclusive evidence instead of leaving humanity’s fate to luck of the draw.