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Might Have To Kill Him?

Protesters Attacked At Trump Rally!


Shame on Trump

During a Trump Rally Wednesday in North Carolina; Rakeem Jones,  an African American protester, was sucker punched by  a Trump Supporter named John McGraw while on his way out of the rally. When asked if McGraw liked the event McGraw reportedly said “you bet I liked it”. The reporter then asked McGraw about what he specifically liked about the rally, to which McGraw replied “knocking the hell out of that big mouth”.

This is a clear indication of intent to do harm, last I checked our first amendment states that no one may prohibit the use of free speech nor retaliate against the usage of free speech. With this being true nothing Jones said should have warranted an attack by McGraw. To top it all off Jones was silent when walking past McGraw, which suggests that McGraw’s original motive is one of more sinister origins and not because of speech.

Upon further questioning McGraw was asked if Jones deserved ”it” to which McGraw replied “the next time we see him we might have to kill him”

“the next time we see him we might have to kill him” - McGraw

We should be taking a deeper look into the aims of Donald Trump and those who endorse him. In Minnesota, David Duke, a former grand wizard for the Klu Klux Klan recently endorsed Trump by calling upon Americans to support Trump in his campaign in any way they can. David Duke was and is associated with one of the most well known terrorist group in America, and is now associated with Trump, if he is not then why has Donald Trump not denounced David Duke since he has been asked if he supports the endorsement of Duke?

“- The next time we see him we might have to kill him” - Mc Graw

Mc Graw has exhibited aggression with no reasonable grounds by his own admission. A violent trait that could possibly be shared by other Trump supporters. What makes matters confusing in this situation is that the officers of North Carolina deemed it necessary to tackle Jones and arrest him when the original aggressor was McGraw; McGraw was allowed to resume his seating after his assault on Jones took place.


North Carolina PD  seemed to have found McGraw’s conduct acceptable, their oath of protecting and serving does not seek to be something worth upholding to the officers involved in this incident. There should be an internal investigation to find out the priorities and procedures of the officers to make sure that they are not inherently bias towards those who employ them which is the American people.

WRAL has confirmed that this Thursday morning John McGraw has been charged with assault.