Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam


First African American Judge To Serve On The Highest Court In NY

Sheila Abdus-Salaam was found dead Wednesday floating on the shore of the Hudson River a death unbefitting of her stature, unbefitting because of what she meant to her loved ones and those she has inspired over the years.

Justice Salaam

Nothing but words of good can describe Judge Salaam she has been praised by the dean of Columbia University David M Schizer,  has said that “Justice Salaam was fair, full of wisdom and had the analytic power, integrity and compassion” to become a force of good for those who so desperately need it. It couldn't come at a better time as she was appointed April 5th, 2013 a time where rising race relations were escalating countrywide, a time where the minority populace of this country wondered if they were being fairly represented.

There are many things that can be accredited to Judge Salaam and there many places she may have been but there is one place where she will always be… She will be within the hearts of the men and women who dream for a better future.

There aren't many people as selfless as Judge Salaam.To get into a position of power and do whats right is not the norm in today's society, how many times must we tolerate politicians who rather fight amongst themselves instead of bettering humanity? how many people have gone deep enough to tackle or even talk about the issues people below middle class are affected by? Not many, but her life is the blueprint to follow on how to become that which so many aren't.

NYPD is treating her death as a suicide and investigations are ongoing, I will update as the case develops.