Jeff Zucker & Donald Trumps Relationship.


Are you okay Jeff?

Apparently during the OPC Awards Jeff Zucker has seemingly turned on his best friend he has been quoted saying “Journalism itself is being threatened by officials at the top of our own government”, good job realizing that now Jeff. During long and extensive relationships problems usually occur, sometimes we get to talk it out and sometimes it's just better to separate. After forgiving and defending Trump numerous times while being abused by him and his lackeys Jeff Zucker has finally come to realize what most of us have for a long time. That Trump is not trustworthy, that trump is a liar and that it is better to stay far away from him. Trumps long time friend is the ceo of CNN, Trump during his campaign  and during the early stages of his presidency has unleashed a tirade of statements meant to refrain people from listening to the news, in some cases rightly so especially when you have people like Jeff Zucker who would rather play games with the public for ratings rather than tell the truth.

As many of you have known Cn\NN has been extremely pr trump and has now faced the dire questions of being in a relationship with someone that does not love him, his statement is now a declaration and Trump will respond in kind.

I will post more as the story develops.