Global Warming?


Global Warming

Global warming recently has become the closet talk of the world despite it being the reason as to why our seasons seem to be undulating. According to the findings of the NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) North America has in 2016 the warmest February since 2000 and the fourth warmest February since continental records began in 1910. What this means is that there is an increase in occurrence over a 90 year time period and that’s just by excluding every other month besides  February.

A serious discussion needs to be spoken about what we can do to stop the melting of the Arctic poles; it seems to me that the people of this world only understand devastation if it is singularly affecting them and in their current life time at that. Yet this battle will not be one fought by this generation but one fought by the next.



If we as Americans... no, if we as New Yorkers do not do something about the increase in global heat, natural disasters will increase over the coming years; Events like Sandy will not just become the rarity but also the normality.


According to Michael E. Mann who is the director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University ‘Earth Will Cross The Climate Danger Threshold By 2036”, he states that the Earth’s temperature will rise  to 2 degrees celsius by 2036. This will cause earth to cross its threshold and transform into a force strong enough to threaten human civilization. Yet this can be circumvented apparently, if nations can agree to keep carbon dioxide levels below 405 parts per million.

Let’s have a green earth for generations to come, spread the word!