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Where did the inspiration for your clothing line come from?


Cheyenne takes us back to a time where she reminisces on one of her first interactions with fashion, which has now thrust her on this journey to unite all women through fashion & make a name for her-self in the fashion industry. So when I asked Cheyenne about where her inspiration came from she replied saying


“My inspiration came from my grandmother Audrey; as a little girl I would always sneak into her closet and try on her clothes or in better words “I was shopping in her closet!” she had everything from some great amazing color palette’s to the finest pieces of exclusive embellished garments I had ever seen…”  “Also seeing as how even my mother has delved into the world of fashion it seems to me like it could only be destiny that even I am now immersed in it.”


“My mother in the humblest of ways always carried herself in high self-esteem and always made sure to look her best, she was what you would call the fly girl on the block as many people who knew her would put it; it’s in my blood to look & feel amazing, to express my creativity through clothes I wear and it is my social duty to give that to other women who may not have the same outlook, after all what could be greater than building the confidence of a woman? In fact what could be greater than a woman with confidence?”


Where does your goal of uniting women through clothing come from?


“Well in today’s world many individuals seem to have a problem with the youth being themselves… not too different from when I was in middle school & high-school, I mean every day we seem to have to conform to the whims of society.” “It is about time we make a statement and say that I simply want to be me and not feel the backlash of society, I feel my clothes can get that message across. I really believe I can do that, I believe I can bridge the gap between the social classes. I have experience doing this during my four years of high school aah ha ha I was that person in between the so called popular crowd and the unpopular, I interacted with everybody and I don’t see why others cannot do so as well.


None of it was too trivial in fact no one berated me for hanging with the so called popular and the so called uncool never berated me for hanging with those that were supposedly cool. We need a paradigm shift in how we approach the matter of social inequality the school system in America teaches many things, except morality and communication. Realizing this kind of puts into perspective the shark mentality of society; I believe through clothing that maybe just maybe we can bring together ethnic groups by having them accept each other through a branding that embodies creativity and unity…


How exactly do you plan on uniting social groups through your clothing?


“I want to make garments that catch the eye; I want to make garments that say that I am strong, that I am confident, intelligent or better yet garments that may change the dynamic of the fashion industry.” “I plan to do that by making pieces for all types of women whether it be the so called uncool and the popular, in tandem there isn’t a difference between the two except the level of confidence.” “I truly believe that a woman should be comfortable in her own skin and not have items unavailable to her simply because it doesn’t suit her type from another person’s eyes; in this day and age we should be more accepting of each other, more accepting of diversity seeing as how it can only make your interactions more pleasant and your success more widespread.”


When did you decide to get serious?


“Well first and foremost I have always had a passion for fashion but it became adamant during college, I delved deeper into fashion when my career in radiology was starting to seem like it wouldn’t pan out, I was stressed out and in deep need of something to help lift me out of my stupor so I took my craft of fashion as a hobby seeing as how I was not willing to drop radiology for an if? I then decided to take it a step further and make it a business once I felt the exhilaration of bringing my pieces to life.” “Remembering the feeling of jubilation and success as I saw with my own eyes the product of perseverance and hard work could only motivate me to create more pieces and not just regular pieces but pieces of a higher caliber than what has been seen before, thinking about the endless possibilities has removed my mental ceiling and now I channel that energy into my work.”


Do you have any mentors that you follow or draw references from?


Laquan smith is a fashion designer I appreciate in these modern times. He gives you a bold, sexy and eclectic garment that inspires a woman to be comfortable in her own skin. Even though he grew up with a designer ability at a young age, he too didn’t go to school for fashion and that raises the platform for me to uphold my confidence and maintain my determination to start up and become who I want to be.




“Yes of course, one of the fashion designers I regard as a mentor in terms of “Watching their creativity” is Azzedine Alaia. His garments cater to women and adapts to the structure of a woman’s body. His attention to detail and his consistency to remain true to his aesthetic is what I embody.  As he grew up, I can thoroughly understand how life shows the twist and turns many of us go through when starting from nothing to something. Just remembering when the moment when grace jones …



Grace Jones carried The King of Cling in her arms during the Oscar de la mode in 1984 showed me that it was more than just clothes that it was a feeling & lifestyle; his work instilled love into the people he caters to, this is what it’s all about ya know! His influence was just that powerful and with Lena Audrey I plan to send that message to everyone all over the world!”


Lena Audrey plans to revolutionize the fashion world using her experiences of both old and new designs, she has a fresh take on fashion design as seen in the photo display above. Her 3 panel dress starting from the left is emblazoned with a colored bouquet of flowers which then transitions into the white panel that brings together the two contrasting pieces; these two parts alone obviously come from her youth and respect of the precedent era of fashion. By bringing together two designs from different eras Lena Audrey has made a definite mark on the passage of time through this piece through innovation & cultivation.