Encryption Decrypted


 Photo from Unsplashed.com

Photo from Unsplashed.com


Encryption Decripted

Encryption is a process in cryptography. Specifically it's applications are used in encoding messages and information in a format that only the authorized user with the appropriate key can open. While it is not unhackable like most things are, it is very formidable against hacks and aides in delaying when a hack can occur.



According to Google, basic 40 bit encryption alone would take about 72 million weeks to crack. With the 128 bit encryption and above we have today our privacy can be infallible if we do not build weaknesses into it such as back doors; Which is exactly what the FBI wants Apple to build, a backdoor into all encryption.


Also to be clear, encryption does not stop data from being intercepted, it's usage is to lock data whether it may be intercepted or not.


Stay encrypted. Protect your right to privacy..