Christine Hoffman “ I understand how racially insensitive the guideline was.”



Isn't it crazy to know that segregation ended 63 years ago? That there are people still alive who witnessed that debacle and stain on history first hand? We take a ride into history when Christine Hoffman, Principle of Campbell Park Elementary School in St Petersburg sent a chilling email out to teachers on April 18th. The contents of that email apparently instructs teachers to segregate white students from black students, specifically saying “white students should be in the same class.“ This was included in the email that was to instruct teacher on how to sort students for next years classes very sinister and I hope that  the district office of professional standard investigate any and all of her actions pertaining to students and student punishment based on apparent racial bias that her actions via email proves.

Hoffman in light of the public outcry has resigned monday; In a letter to parents Christine Hoffman said “As a white woman leading a predominately black school, I am approaching this as an opportunity to learn,” followed by “Although I have participated in training on diversity and implicit bias, this recent incident makes it clear that I need to seek additional opportunities to apply racial sensitivity and cultural competence in my work. I want all of my actions and decisions as principle to only strengthen and unite our school as we meet the needs of our students.”

I believe this to be a far cry from an apology but an attempt to matter of factly dismiss the racial struggles of this country and to do it to children no less makes her words all the more useless to the ears of competent people.Going forward into the future the standard must raise on who we allow to teach children, the racial bias of today can later turn into racial crimes of the future if we don't first curb who we allow to teach our students and secondly if we award equal education across all states. It is a weak government when only a few percentage of its people are educated and a disadvantage to the safety of the nation if we cannot change the fact that education is not equal for everyone.