Charles Kinsey: Mental Health Therapist Shot


Charles Kinsey

Charles Kinsey a mental health therapist was shot by florida police in northern miami while trying to retrieve an autistic patient who had wandered away from his group home. Police were responding to the call of a suicidal man in the area. What they had found was Kinsey on his back with his hands up trying to console and calm his patient. It is also on record that michael Kinsley was pleading with officers to not shoot him but obviously his fell on deaf ears.

A call about a suicide and someone gets shot?

These type of incidents cause me to call into question the pursuit of safety so many politicians talk about or the ability of the police to protect and serve. Here we are once again with another black man shot while doing absolutely nothing wrong.To critically tackle what happened a question must be answered how does a call of possible suicide warrant someone getting shot? Since when is it police practice to shoot someone who is possibly suicidal? When does lying on your back with your hands up warrant a shot in the leg? These questions must be answered and the federal justice department needs to seriously look into these cases, as they are willing to do anything in the name of safety like going to war with other countries but yet they still ignore the domestic issues at home.  

On 4-12-17 It was announced that Jonathan Aledda, the police officer who shot kinsley is now being charged with attempted manslaughter, third degree felony and culpable negligence. The miami dade state attorney's office has filed the above charges and issued an arrest warrant, I will post further updates as this case develops.