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It all started when...

If you live in America, then you know that Super Bowl 50 was on Sunday. It’s the culmination of 17 weeks of NFL games. Only the cream of the crop can make it there, 2 of 32 teams. This year the two Super Bowl teams were the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. As you know by now Broncos won and much heralded quarterback Peyton Manning will probably ride off into the sunset as a cap to his hall of fame career.

The other quarterback, the much maligned Cam Newton. Newton has taken a lot of criticism this year, mostly unwarranted. The general belief is that it is due to him being black in one of the notable positions in all of sports. Not to mention that it has been historically filled by white players.

After losing in his first Super Bowl appearance, Cam was expectedly dejected. However, he really did some admirable things this season. He was named league MVP on his way to leading his team to a 17-2 record and the Panthers first Super Bowl berth in over a decade. He’s turned his franchise around from a borderline laughing stock to a powerhouse for years to come.

Cam is undoubtedly the leader of his football team, face of the Panthers franchise, and an excellent role model. Being downcast and short with reporters, who he is stupidly obligated to talk to, is no reason to incite a response like that of Romanoski ( tweet pictured above). The word “boy” in and of itself is harmless. However, in this country, White people have historically used that term to demean black men and it is well documented. In this day and age, where race relations have been prevalent, he has no excuse.

Naturally, Romanowski tried to delete his tweet and rescind  his comments, but I cannot figure out why. It would be naive to think he didn’t know what he was saying. He was a widely known racist back in his playing days and was known to be very flippant with his use of the word “nigger”. He also had the audacity to talk about Cam’s attitude. Here are some of his on the field antics:


His rap sheet left off two pretty key incidents. The first was an incident occurred when Romanoski (6’4, 245) threw a microwave at then teammate Dexter Carter (5’9, 170) because of a dispute over a sandwich. The second was him ending the career of another teammate. Romanowski and teammate, Marcus Williams, became engaged during a scrimmage and remained grappling after the play was over. It was a rather typical, heated exchange between two athletes who have been competing all day. However that all changed when Romanowski tore off William’s helmet and uppercutted him, smashing his eye socket. Needless to say, the crushed eye socket and resulting brain damage was enough to derail a promising career.

Cam Newton, keep your head up. You are a superstar, class act and excellent role model. Your time will come again. Bill Romanowski, you are nothing but the racist, roided up, excrement left from the afterbirth of a dying, diseased sow. Newton has wiped his ass with classier tissues. Stay in your lane Bill.