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Lorenzo Magazine


Photo from Unsplash.com

Photo from Unsplash.com


Why Lorenzo Magazine Exists...

Lorenzo Magazine is a website that is based on making the understanding of news more easier for others and also to show different points of view, or overall different ways of thinking when dealing with difficult subjects of the new world. If politics is too hard to understand than don't worry Lorenzo Magazine will break it down for you.

Also while we cater to bringing understandable news we are also inclined to build a place where fellow urban entrepreneurs can come together and collaborate, work together or even develop a steady/ healthy competition. The key is for us all to be in contact, for us all to be connected and for us all to strive to greater heights. It has always been a dream of mines to help those who come from the same place as me, I grew up in East New York, Brooklyn and If I can even have this much of an accomplishment then I'm willing to share it with all of you so that we can all have it too.